ARTE A MANO BY MARIANA VAZQUEZ emerged in 2017, when I received one of these pieces as a special gift, I was greatly surprised when I realized the great work behind it and the great value of its manufacturing processes. After that day I took on the task of investigating where they came from and the people involved in these valuable processes. I have always liked the part of helping, so I felt identified with the product when I saw that not only one person was involved. In some way I saw the potential of being able to help more people by making their community and their pieces known by projecting their talent to the world.

Finding a name that would identify the brand and be associated with what our pieces represent was quite a challenge. I was at a point in my life where I needed to generate additional income since I always like to support and this was the door that opened for me. opened thanks to my best partner God.

Arte a Mano helps in a creative and modern way the hands of artisan women from the Los Altos Region of Chiapas who are behind it, highlighting the beauty of our country. Our purpose is that our pieces, which are not everyday and are each characterized by being unique with embroidery inspired by the history of the woman who makes them, become part of your everyday life through the combination of textures, textiles and shapes. We believe that Each woman who wears each piece feels identified with the brand, representing values ​​such as security and trust.

Our greatest pride is to give you a timeless piece combining craftsmanship with modern luxury and to make you realize that we can all start from scratch and along the way we can connect with our purpose, which from the beginning was to help more people.